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Here's the second half of the GameSetLinks RSS round-up that was so richly promised, and it starts out with a fun 1UP piece on those games that endure in the memory of the fans beyond even what their creators might reasonably expect.

Also in this set of URLs - a neat timeline of MMO development, some good data on how Topspin are changing the digital map for independent music, some more feedback on the Observer piece on GTA and recreational pharmaceuticals, plus 7-day Roguelikes, a lost Swamp Thing game, and rather more besides.

The guy was frustrated:

Posthumous Cult Favorites: Games That Endure from 1UP.com
'How fans keep the memory of cult favorites alive.'

encubed » News Archive » Interview with the Visual Novel Translator
'We had a nice chat with one of the visual novel translators from MangaGamer. In this interview, he details the translation process at MangaGamer and provides advice for budding translators.'

A Timeline of Western MMO Development « Double Buffered
'Rectangles indicate company events such as formations and closures, while ellipsoids indicate game releases or closures. The position on the X axis indicates rough time ordering, corresponding to the years below.'

The Observer: The Beguiling Nature Of Videogames - Botherer
'Last week Alec and I were invited to join in a conversation about videogames for the Observer newspaper, in response to an article they are running in the magazine today about a man who spent four years playing GTA and doing lots of cocaine. We were gathered to offer an alternative voice about gaming.'

1UP's Retro Gaming Blog : Lost Levels: Swamp Thing Vs. Beanball Benny
More fascinating archaeology from Mr. Cifaldi.

:: Temple of the Roguelike – Roguelike News, Reviews, Interviews and Information :: » Blog Archive » 2010 7DRL Challenge is over, results!
John Harris will cover this, no doubt, but the quality and amount of Roguelikes produced by this contest every year are astounding.

A Tree Falling in the Forest: Infinity Ward and Activision: Deja Vu All Over Again Edition
Keith Boesky is a smart cookie and an interesting guy, here's a good perspective.

Topspin Media » Marketing with Data
It's for music, but look at 'impact of physical goods in offers' in particular... some relevance for games here, I bet.