Released only in Taiwan in 1995 by Funtech Entertainment Corp, the Super A'can is an obscure 16-bit console that looked very much like a Super NES/Famicom clone but featured its small selection of original titles (the most well known of which is Panda Software's Sango Fighter, a fighting game set during China's Three Kingdoms period, now available to download as a free PC and English release).

While playing one of the A'can's few games, an RPG titled Son of Evil, ASSEMblergames forumer Bramsworth stumbled on a neat Easter Egg that allows players to walk around the offices of Funtech Entertainment, talk to employees, and even learn about projects the team was developing at the time -- three of which never released!

The Easter Egg area shares preview screenshots, some details, and a single music track for each game. The four revealed projects include Journey to the Laugh/C.U.G. (the only game out of the group that made it to stores), a firefighting title called City Escape, a strategy title called Dinosaur Wars (pictured), and a mysterious, cartoonish project called Quick Fighting Attack.

This is one of the coolest video game Easter Eggs I've ever heard about! You can see screenshots for the games described above in this ASSEMblergames forum thread.