If driving a tow truck in Grand Theft Auto left you wishing for a full tow truck game experience in an open 3D world, there's no need to use up your wish the next time you blow out your birthday cake candles; Astragon, the same German developer behind classic titles like Crane Simulator and Forklift Truck Simulator, has created Tow Truck Simulator 2010.

In Tow Truck Simulator 2010, you drive around the city in four different tow trucks, taking away improperly parked cars, abandoned vehicles, and automobiles damaged in accidents. In addition to offering a dynamic mission generator and a "modding-friendly" structure, the game allows you to play missions in Driving Simulator's world if you have a copy of that Astragon release.

While the game is already available in Europe (coming to the UK at the end of the month courtesy of Excalibur Publishing), no North American publisher has announced plans to bring the game Stateside. So, maybe you'll have to use that birthday wish after all.

Here's a funny clip of a towing mission gone wrong in the game: