ROM hacker Abw, the same fellow behind the Legend of Zelda and Zelda II patches that allowed you to explore Hyrule in Latin, released a similar patch for the original Final Fantasy released on NES in 1987. While it seems like a huge task to translate all that RPG text, this is a smaller project he wanted to spend time on while taking a break from his Latin work on Final Fantasy VI.

Abw notes that this isn't a complete translation, as he was "too lazy to bother with" the Final Fantasy graphics on the world map, the bridge/ship game screens, and the game's "The End" text. He says that other than those instances, the remainder of the patched game should be "entirely in Latin".

Many of the names for Final Fantasy's spells needed abbreviation to fit into the NES title's four-character text limits, so you might have trouble figuring out that DORM ("Dormite") means SLEP ("Sleep") or that TMOR ("Tege Morte") is ARUB ("NulDeath"). Thankfully, the ROM hacker compiled a reference guide to help you figure out the already confounding equivalents of the abbreviated Latin spells.