In honor of Final Fight: Double Impact's release on XBLA and PSN tomorrow, Capcom has uploaded the remixed soundtracks for the two-in-one remake bundle, which fans can download here (zipped MP3s) for free. It isn't nearly as rad as the cassette tape soundtracks reviewers received with their Double Impact press kits, but you can't argue with free!

Double Impact, for those of you who missed the bundle's announcement months ago, re-packages Capcom's original arcade editions of Final Fight and Magic Sword with HD-filtered graphics, remixed music (composed by Simon Viklund, who also worked on the soundtrack for Bionic Commando: Rearmed), online and local coop, leaderboards, new unlockables, and more.

Final Fight: Double Impact releases on XBLA today for 800 MS Points and on the PlayStation Store tomorrow for $9.99. You can watch gameplay footage of the Final Fight remake below:

[Via Nobuooo]