Robert Florence, a former BBC Comedy writer and one of the co-creators behind awesome cult Scottish video game show Consolevania and VideoGaiden, has a new 5-minute show coming to Xbox Live's video channel Inside Xbox - which is viewable on your Xbox 360's dashboard and

Titled "The Independent Charles Show", the program will apparently introduce viewers to the best and strangest releases on Xbox Live Indie Games via a host that's "not all there" and his "occasional co-host Strawberry Stephenson", according to a Twitter message with attached terrifying screenshot from Florence himself.

[For complete randomness in a delightful Scottish brogue, nobody can beat Consolevania - go check out various YouTube videos, such as that time Hitler turned up to pimp your Dreamcast, or the full download/BitTorrent-able Consolevania series.]

Anyhow, Xbox Live Editor Daniel Maher explains the upcoming show via the Inside Xbox text feed on Xbox 360:

"We take a look at the Indie Games channel on Xbox Live, where amateur developers free of financial constraints let their imaginations run riot. The games' quality may vary, but the creativity on show is admirable -- where else would you play something called 'Fish Listening to Radio'?

Now, we realize there's been a lack of Indie coverage on Inside Xbox to date, so we've recruited our friend Independent Charles to produce a show highlighting the best/weirdest titles on offer. He's not all there, but his heart's in the right place."

The other British show on Inside Xbox right now seems to be SentUAMessage, which appears to be the 'Viewers' Questions' UK/European-hosted arm of Microsoft's official Xbox 360 video productions. It's available via the Dashboard and over on, plus via YouTube, and is actually quite fun at times.

[Via @robertflorence, The Lost Gamer]