Likely the biggest for the iPhone in some time now (the platform has been pretty quiet lately: shoot'em-up specialist Cave will release an iPhone edition of its bullet hell arcade/Xbox 360 game Espgaluda II this Saturday with a "special commemorative" of $4.99, which will increase to $8.99 shortly after the game's launch.

Espgaluda II features the arcade remake, and iPhone mode that introduces a new "Awakening Pulse" technique, three difficulty levels, three control options, three playable characters with different strengths and weaknesses, and OpenFeint support for achievements and online rankings.

Before those of you who bought your iPhone back in 2007 clear your weekend schedule to devote April 10-11 to playing the hectic shoot'em-up, you should note that Espgaluda II is designed to be played on 3GS handsets and the 32/64GB iPod Touch models. You can find more information and media on the game at Espgaluda II's recently launched site.