Set in a dystopian steampunk universe, Glim: The Shards of Dissent has you riding in a kinetic cart down a twisting network of rails, collecting "glim" and pulling off tricks to fuel the vehicle. As you speed across the maze of tracks to complete the stages in record time, you'll also need to "blast through enemies and jump over obstacles".

Indie developer Bouncing Squid offers this blurb:

"Follow the story as you race from the deep glim mines, through the murky sewers, into the city streets, and finally take down the evil “Vice Corporation” at the main glim refinery. Destroy their oppressive monopoly on the precious glim fuel, and free the people! Time trial mode will test your skills and offer an enormous amount of replay value!"

Bouncing Squid is based in Raleigh, North Carolina and was founded in 2009 by Jasper Duba and Niles Doubleday. The two previously worked on games like Icarus Studio's Fallen Earth and NinjaBee's Ancients of Ooga and A World for Keflings. Their team says it's available to create games based on existing licenses and new IPs.

The studio expects to release Glim: The Shards of Dissent this fall on Xbox Live Arcade. You can find more information on the title and read Bouncing Squid's blog, which includes insights on design decisions (e.g. masked motion blur, automated point light placement), on the developer's site.