[Every week, IndieGames.com: The Weblog co-editor Tim W. will be summing up some of the top free-to-download and commercial indie games from the last seven days on his sister 'state of indie' weblog.]

This week on 'Best Of Indie Games', we take a look at some of the top independent PC Flash/downloadable titles released over this last week.

The delights in this edition include a pair of one-button arcade games, a gravity-based platformer made in just a week, an exploration adventure game created for the Experimental Gameplay '10 seconds' theme, and a Marble Madness-style arcade game that will please fans of difficult challenges.

Here's the highlights from the last seven days:

Game Pick: 'Globetrotters' (Broken Radio Games, browser)
"Globetrotters is a one-button multiplayer game that is intended for release on the iPad, although a fully-featured build is already available online for everyone to play. Up to four players can participate in a game, and it is a race to see who gets to a thousand points first."

Game Pick: 'They Need to be Fed' (Jesse Venbrux, freeware)
"They Need to be Fed is a gravity-based platformer with six worlds to visit, created by Jesse Venbrux in just under a week for YoYo Games' design-a-handheld competition. Your objective here is to reach the monster at the end of each level, jumping from platform to platform while avoiding contact with spikes, lasers, and even homing missiles fired from turrets."

Game Pick: 'I Can Hold My Breath Forever' (Jake Elliott, browser)
"I Can Hold My Breath Forever is an underwater exploration adventure created by Jake Elliott for the Experimental Gameplay '10 Seconds' competition. The game follows a small creature as it dives deep to find its friend. There's a dark yet lovely vibe to it all, and the time limit adds a sense of urgency."

Game Pick: 'CosmiCube' (Patrick Richardson, browser)
"Be warned - if you are not blessed with patience and/or cat-like reflexes, CosmiCube may cause you to break things. It's a Marble Madness style ball-roller, controlled via slow, precise mouse movements, with the occasional flick. There are global high score boards too, so you can see just how crazy some people are."

Game Pick: 'Mamono Saber' (Skipmore, browser)
"Mamono Saber is a one-button arcade game where you are in control of a knight who can only move forward at a steady pace, determined to rescue the princess and save the kingdom once again. Our hero jumps whenever the player clicks on the screen, while the outcome of a battle is determined automatically by the manner in which the protagonist comes into contact with a monster."