Publisher Aksys Games has revealed a "lolitastic" limited edition set for its first run of copies for Deathsmiles, an arcade-to-Xbox 360 port of Cave's gothic-lolita-themed, bullet-hell shoot'em up .

Priced at only $49.99, the Limited Edition set includes a branded faceplate exclusive to North America, a 15-track album of "spooky high energy tracks" selected by the game's director Manabu Namki, and a horizontal artbox designed to complement the game's horizontal-scrolling orientation.

For those unfamiliar with Deathsmiles, it stars a group of gothic lolita angels as they dodge waves of bullets and battle demonic enemies. The North American discs will include the Mega Black Label content released in Japan, the ability to save/watch/download replays, online leaderboards, and online two-player co-op.

"Most shooters feature space ships heroically charging through bullet showers to kill some alien nuisance," says Aksys's PR specialist Cherie Baker. "With Deathsmiles, you’ve got little girls flying through a gothic otherworld to destroy the horrific, necrotic Imperator Tyrannosatan. Really what could top that!?"