Cross Edge developer Compile Heart is working on a very meta PS3 RPG titled Super Dimension Game Neptune, which takes place in the fictional world of Geimugyokai, or Game Industry. In the game, players take on the role of Neptune, a girl/video game console on a quest to beat an evil goddess named Majekonnu (Japan refers to DS flashcarts like the R4 as "Majikon").

Some of you might have noticed that the premise sounds similar to Japan-only Dreamcast game Segagaga, which parodied Sega's struggle's to stay in the hardware market. Interestingly, Compile Heart partnered with Sega to market SDGN! It's also worth noting that Sega once proposed a combined Genesis/32X system called the Neptune.

Other personified video game consoles appear in the game representing the Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. SDGN will also feature game character cameos from publishers like Nippon Ichi Software and Gust. It's a really odd collaboration project! Expect to see it release in Japan this Summer.

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