What with the big news this morning being Nintendo's upcoming reveal of the Nintendo 3DS, a system displaying "3D effects" without needing special 3D glasses, now seems like a great time to look at tech demos of Nintendo's other 3D portable, the failed Virtual Boy.

Enigmatic Youtube uploader Grooveraider recently posted this video from the 1995 Winter Consumer Electronics Show -- I believe this is the first footage of the demos at the expo ever posted online. Grooveraider explains how he captured the system's first North American preview:

"Nintendo hosted the VB demos in a small dark enclosed mini-theatre filled with attendees. We stood in a lengthy line waiting to get our chance to see the VB games for the first-time in the U.S. Nintendo wasn't allowing photography inside but I managed to pretend my camera wasn't shooting by placing some dark wire tape over the recording light. So basically I went against their policy and I had to be very careful that the Reps didn't see me recording."

Notice the demos for Star Fox and Mario Land, which were never actually turned into complete games!

[Via GDRI]