After showing off the project earlier this month with a promising trailer (above), Dylan "Steaky" Loney has released The Great Class Dash, his new Team Fortress 2 mod that turns the online first-person shooter into a Canabalt-styled single-player 2.5D sidescrolling platformer.

This first public release has players automatically running through four different stages: Canada, Egypt, Volcano, and Swamp. To make it through each level, players need to cycle through different classes while running, as each of the nine classes has a unique ability that allows players to pass through different obstacles.

The Scout, for example, can double jump over large gaps. The Heavy breaks through walls, the Sniper ("a notorious hunter") scares away animals in your path, the Pyro's suit protects him from steam and clouds of mostquitoes, the Spy can sneak past enemy sentry guns, and so on.

You can download The Great Class Dash mod for free from MOD DB.