Almost six years since the Cryptic Sea released the game, plush versions of Gish's eponymous hero are now available thanks to Bigshot Toyworks! For those who need their memory jogged, Gish was the indie action game from Edmund McMillen (Super Meat Boy) and Alex Austin that won the Grand Prize and Innovation in Game Design awards at IGF 2005.

The plush ball-of-tar hero comes in 4" ($8) and 8" ($16) sizes, each available with two different faces: Smilin' or Toothy. The figures are made of velour with embroidered detail, and Bigshot Toyworks says they're perfect for "perching next to your computer, hurling at irritating roommates, or just having a long heart-to-heart with after you get dumped by someone who just doesn't love video games like you do."