New Zealand-based studio Sidhe announced plans to release Shatter, its previously PSN-exclusive modern re-imagining of Arkanoid, to PC through digital distribution platform Steam later this month.

Along with offering support for Steam achievements and leaderboards (available across Story Mode, Boss Rush, and Bonus Mode), the new edition of Shatter will offer PC-exclusive game modes like Endless Mode, Endless Co-op Multiplayer, Time Attack, and Time Attack Co-op Multiplayer.

Released last July for PlayStation 3, Shatter has you clearing bricks in vertical, horizontal, and even circular arenas. While you can bounce balls off your paddle to break those bricks, you can also push and pull the balls to guide their trajectory using the controller's shoulder buttons.

The game also offers shoot'em up elements like big boss fights, power-ups, special attacks, time slowdown, and the ability to just send a volley of shots across the stage to blast away the bricks. Sidhe designed the title so that you're rarely ever waiting for the ball to return to your paddle; you can even summon multiple balls to make stages more challenging.

Shatter's excellent "electro rock and retro beats" soundtrack, composed by Jeramiah "Module" Ross, has also picked up much attention; the game's currently a finalist for the 2010 Independent Games Festival's "Excellence in Audio" award and "Main Competition Audience" Award. You can stream the soundtrack for free or purchase it at Bandcamp.

"Bringing Shatter to new audiences has always been our goal," says Sidhe's managing director Mario Wynands. "Following the warm reception we received for the PlayStation 3 version, taking Shatter to PC on the Steam platform was a natural next step."