Over a year has passed since we've seen anything new about 2009 IGF Finalist Snapshot, a 2D puzzle platformer with a photography gimmick, but Phoenix-based developer Retro Affect (Kyle Pulver, David Carrigg, and Peter Jones) posted a couple new screenshots to show their progress on fleshing out its 2009 prototype.

Along with environments no longer looking like stages ripped from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, the screens show a new hero for Snapshot. Instead of a diminutive orange boy with a brown cap, Snapshot now stars a robot. His primary power is still taking photos of enemies and objects, then pasting them back into the scene to solve puzzles.

"We’ve added a decent amount of features since the prototype," said Retro Affect's Peter Jones in an interview with Games Fascination. "I think the one we’re most excited about is the ability to capture the physics of an object."

He continues, "So, when you snap a photo of a falling rock, that rock’s velocity is preserved in the picture. When you paste the picture, the rock will continue on its way. That, combined with the ability to rotate photos creates some really fun puzzles and hilarious moments. Physics is fun."

Retro Affect looks to release Snapshot on PC and "at least one console" in the fourth quarter of 2010.