As with its Beatles: Rock Band clip (featuring special guest Gabe Newell as Ringo Starr) that we featured last week, comedy skit crew Mega64 debuted this video and the magnificent Indie Man superhero earlier this month at the Indie Games Festival/Game Developers Choice Awards.

What does an Indie Man do when he isn't busy creating innovative puzzle platformers and creative one-button experiences? Well, he defends indie games by sabotaging the big ones! Mega64 was able to sneak in a camera into the meeting rooms to reveal how instrumental Indie Man was in implementing boneheaded ideas into their productions.

Expensive and nonsensical peripherals? Green Day: Rock Band? Unskippable cutscenes? Always On DRM? Blame it all on Indie Man! I wonder if Indie Man has stepped up his efforts to sabotage hardware -- could he be behind the Nintendo 3DS? Was the PSP Go Indie Man's idea all along?!