After months of teasing the game (and a slight delay in development due to a computer meltdown), indie developer Anna "Auntie Pixelante" Anthropy has released Redder, her biggest project yet in terms of scale and time. The Mighty Jill Off/When Pigs Fly designer notes, "It's the biggest game world I've ever built."

In the 2D platformer, you control an astronaut who has crash landed on Mars and needs to gather a batch of crystals to get her ship back in working order. To do that, you need to explore the planet's ruins, avoid enemies, and solve a number of increasingly difficult switch puzzles to reach the crystals.

Redder's controls are simple -- walk with the left and right arrow keys, and jump with the up/shift/z/space key -- keeping most of the focus on timing the astronaut's hops. The planet's lower gravity allows you to jump higher and float in their longer than you typically would in most other platformers, but if you've played Anthropy's other games, you should be used to this by now.

You can play the Flash game for free right now on Newgrounds!