As you'll see in this trailer, Machinarium creator and Amanita Design founder Jakub Dvorský's talents aren't limited to game development. He worked as the production designer for this feature film titled Kuky Se Vrací, or Kooky's Return, from Oscar-winning Czech director Jan Svěrák (Kolya, Empties).

The movie is a "combined puppet and live action feature based on a child’s fantasy", starring a seven-year-old boy whose teddy bear was thrown away. He imagines the toy brought to life, exploring a forest world, meeting strange characters, and embarking on an adventure to find his way back home.

You can really see Dvorský's touch in the film's visual design -- the wheezing car, the basket elevator, the dirty figures constructed out of junk, and the way an everyday forest is turned into a magical, forgotten setting. Kooky's Return will release in Czech theaters on May 20th.