Haymaker Games -- a small indie outfit comprised of Whitney Hills (who works at Microsoft Game Studios by day), Sean Gubelman, and two freelance artists -- recently revealed Ghost Chef, which the studio promises will be a "revolution in interactive spectral cooking".

Based on this short trailer, the title looks like a time management game (e.g. Cake Mania, Diner Dash) but with ghosts -- ghosts so cute that they demanded an adorable, squeezable plushie! Hopefully someone will mass produce these in time for Ghost Chef release on Xbox Live Indie Games this fall.

The game will feature solo and co-op modes in which players can "micro-interact [their] way to glory". More competitive types can jump into the versus mode, to send their opponent's kitchen up in flames. Ghost Chef also promises "unlockable narrative vignettes and a smorgasbord of otherworldly recipes." Delicious!

[Via superannuation]