Three months after the studio abandoned its 8-week development cycle and announced a follow-up to Raptor Safari, Flashbang has released a playable performance test preview for Off-Road Velociraptor Safari HD to anyone who has reserved the game. If you haven't put down money for a copy yet but still want to try the game out, you can still put in a $14.99 preorder.

This first official development build with a re-tuned vehicle physics model to adjust how the driving feels, Xbox 360 controller support on Windows/Mac, new art designed to "push the game into the next-gen category", new effects/graphics, post-processing techniques used in Flashbang's previous titles like Jetpack Brontosaurus and Blush, and more.

As a teaser for Off-Road Velociraptor Safari HD's full release later this year, the developer released the above epic image from concept artist Justin Messner (click for the full version). Poor Jetpack Brontosaurus.