While Steph Thirion's Faraway and all the other Gamma IV finalists offer clever takes on the competition's one-button limitation, there are more than a few submissions that look just as fun as the winning entries but weren't shortlisted. Fortunately, our sister site IndieGames has a round-up for several of those standout submissions, Beau Blyth's Fish Face being one of them.

As the game's title suggests, you play as a Ponyo/Seaman-esque fish with a human face as he swims through three different stages (lasting 5-10 minutes each) in his quest to "rescue the Cephalapod Princess". The only button you'll need to his is Z (or Down) to swim downwards. When you let go of the button, bouyancy will launch the mutant creature upwards.

Along with navigating caverns and leaping over walls, you can swim through red loops to collect points or through blue loops to save that particular point as a checkpoint location. Fish Face also challenges you with Thwomp-like falling blocks and other enemies to avoid. You can download the one-button arcade game for free from Blyth's site.