Initially launched as an alternative to Cafepress's dinky setup for buying well-designed Earthbound/Mother merchandise online, Fangamer has since expanded its catalog to other game universes like Metal Gear and most recently Square Enix's revered SNES RPG Chrono Trigger.

Fangamer's new Chrono Trigger-inspired gear includes a 2300: Ruined World shirt that offers "a dazzling glimpse into the desolate future". The tee is available in three different colors and even comes with a pin (see close-ups of the "belt design" after the break).

The online shop is also selling two Dark Omen Moto Jackets that look to celebrate "the fiery 1999 debut of the earth’s matroshka-nemesis"; and an Era Sticker Pack identifying your time traveler classification (Time Guru, Johnny Jetbike, Timewing, and Triple Tech).

If you're a huge Chrono Trigger nerd and won't rest until you've procured all three of those products, you can grab all three with a slight discount thanks to Fangamer's Cataclysm Combo Pack, available for both men and women.