Konami seems to have the right idea when it comes to making a video game drink: "Why bother spending money on creating and marketing a new awful-tasting beverage tie-in for our games when there are already plenty of other awful-tasting drinks we can work with?"

Metal Gear father Hideo Kojima shared a couple photos on his Twitter account of Konami's game beverage plans, which reveal the cast of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker emblazoned on cans of Mountain Dew. He didn't disclose any details on pricing, when the cans will ship, or if this promotion will hit the U.S.

Kojima, however, did show this photo of a Metal Gear Solid cardboard box, which looks perfect for hiding in (if you're a small child) during a stealth mission to infiltrate Kojima Productions and find out more. You could probably do other things with it, too, like packing some of your stuff if you're moving to a new apartment/house.