Renegade Kid keeps coming up with more and more disturbing trailers for its Dementium series, which makes sense, as they're trying to make their handheld first-person shooter stand out from the hundreds of bigger productions on PCs and home consoles.

The small Austin-based studio advertised the original Dementium with clips of cockroaches crawling on players, bloodied patients running and screaming through the halls of lunatic asylum, and demented surgeons pulling organs out of unanesthetized victims and chopping them up with a butcher's knife.

For the horror game's sequel, Renegade Kid started off with a relatively less gruesome but still creepy promotional video for a fictional psychiatric institution, but it's returned to its blood-soaked roots in this clip, actually sewing its trailer into a patient.

Publisher Southpeak and Renegade Kid will ship Dementium II for Nintendo DS on April 20th. For Southpeak's sake, I hope none of its payment issues we've heard reports for crop up with this particular deal, as this studio doesn't sound like one you should cross, lest you end up in one their future trailers.