Another exemplary downloadable console game is making its way to PC! CarneyVale: Showtime, an Xbox Live Indie Games title that sister-sites Gamasutra and GamerBytes named the #1 release for the service in 2008, will arrive on PCs later this year thanks to an exclusive distribution contract with Games for Windows Live.

Developer by the Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab plans to "slightly" modify the gameplay for PC gamers and add new features like a built-in map editor for creating and sharing stages. The one-button game stars a circus acrobat swinging and flipping through stages, collecting balloons along the way.

The game beat out 350 entries to win $40,000 at Microsoft's XNA Dream-Build-Play competition in 2008 and recognized at several indie events; the 2009 Penny Arcade Expo included Carneyvale in its "Top 10 Independent Games Showcase Winners" and the 2009 Independent Games Festival selected it as a finalist for the main competition grand prize.

If you've no patience to can't wait for Microsoft Games and Gambit to release CarneyVale: Showtime on Games for Windows Life, you can download the console version right now for just 400 MS Points on Xbox Live Indie Games (free demo also available).