Toronto indie studio Capybara Games announced an HD port of its acclaimed Nintendo DS puzzle/SRPG hybrid Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, releasing later this year.

This downloadable edition will feature a number of changes and additions, such as replacing the game's super-deformed 16-bit style sprites and scenes with hand-drawn artwork, throwing in new idle animations for heroes and combat units, and other visual improvements.

Also, seeing as the dual screened version only supports two-player local multiplayer, Capy is taking advantage of the ports online battles by adding four-player versus and co-operative modes, as well as new multiplayer-specific artifacts.

The single-player experience will see enjoy new tweaks, too; you can now revisit previous chapters to complete outstanding side-quests or find secrets they might have missed. You can see several more screenshots from the Clash Of Heroes HD port, courtesy of IGN, after the break: