UK-based developer GLPeas (Carcophony) has put out BlindGirl, its latest Xbox Live Indie Games release, a puzzle adventure title with a wave propagation feature that promises to provide "unique, discovery and exploration-themed gameplay."

Players lead a blind girl through a dark maze; as she walks, she creates sounds, which create waves that reveal her surroundings. The wave propagation system is simulated with fluid simulation, using ideas like reflection, refraction, and interference to show what's around the girl with each sound she makes.

The game also offers a Color Blindness simulation mode designed to let players experience the game from the point of view of someone with color blindness. All three types of color blindness are represented in the mode: Protanopia, Deuteranopia, and Tritanopia.

You can purchase BlindGirl now for 80 MS points. GLPeas is also offering a free trial for download.