In honor of Infinite Space's release in Europe tomorrow, Japanese studio Platinum Games (Bayonetta, MadWorld) has set up a live webcam in its office. Right now, the camera is focused on a print ad, but I suspect we'll see more interesting sights soon. The company's site has clips from previous captured updates marking other events, too.

Platinum Games's involvement in Infinite Space's development is minimal, from what I understand, as the company's co-founder and former Clover CEO Atsushi Inaba served as producer on the project, but Nude Maker (Steel Batallion) handled most of the sci-fi RPG's development.

I imagine that Sega, which is publishing Infinite Space across all territories (released in the U.S. last week), thought a Platinum Games livestream would be best, as announcing a Nude Maker webcam would probably attract the wrong kind of audience.

[Via Sega Europe]