Martin at the Digital Tools blog found this unbelievable ZX Spectrum fansite. The best part, probably, is the screamingly psychedelic gallery of fan-submitted art, "made by the finest Spectrum graphicians." Something about that medium's limited color palette really lends itself to the kind of hallucinatory art you'd find on a flocked blacklight poster.

In the meantime! Hiive Books, those publishers of fine, limited-edition retro gaming books, have generously rereleased their sold-out ZX Spectrum Book - 1982 to 199x as one long -- and free! -- PDF.

The handsome (and at 243 pages, fairly encompassing) reference book assembles ZX Spectrum titles in chronological, alphabetical order. Each title's entry includes an overview, box art, a screenshot, and even review scores from that year. Beautiful.

According to the PDF, Hiive are hard at work on more than a few upcoming titles, including The Game Boy Book and The Arcade Book.

The ZX Spectrum Book - 1982 to 199x [Via Gnome's Lair]
ZX Spectrum 48Kb graphic - pictures/gallery [Via Digital Tools]