braintris Remember the first time you dreamed Tetris?

You were asleep in your childhood bed, and there! There they were! A steady torrent of tetraminoes, one after the next, was tumbling toward the dreamscape's horizon. And in your mind's eye, you were tilting and pivoting and reconfiguring each Tetris piece so that it would pack neatly into the jagged landscape. It was an exhilarating nightmare.

My dream manifested in the murk of split-pea monochrome -- your dream might have been in color, though, if you had an NES, and if you are able to dream in color.

I think about Tetris every time I try to put a lot of things into my car's trunk all at once. Don't we all? This hoodie appeals to a gaming universality, a collective "a-ha!": Tetris, always secretly on the brain.

If I calculated exchange rates properly, these hoodies are ~US$60. (But so totally worth it.)

Braintris Hoodie [Via Sprite Stitch]