DSiWare continues to push out indie gems that hardly anyone notices (see Glow Artisan and Escapee GO!), this time releasing Flipper, a 3D puzzle platformer built with an attractive voxel engine by Goodbye Galaxy Games -- a one-man outfit comprised of Dutch developer Hugo Smits (partnering with Paul "pietepiet" Veer for the graphics).

In the game, you lead a young boy through 20 stages across four different worlds, avoiding enemies and overcoming a range of obstacles while trying to retrieve his stolen goldfish Flipper. The voxel engine has you altering the environment with different power-ups; you can blast holes in the stages, build platforms, or restore sections you've obliterated.

Priced at 500 Nintendo Points ($5), the game is a steal, especially when you consider that Flipper was initially intended as a retail game before its original publisher went bankrupt. Luckily, Smits was able to partner with Dutch company Xform to save the colorful platformer and publish it as a downloadable title on DSiWare.

You can watch a trailer below and see screenshots at Flipper's official site. Smits has also maintained a great development blog for Flipper that shares a lot of insight on his design decisions and hopes for the game. North American DSi owners should be able to purchase the game starting today.