PixelJam, the fiery minds behind Gamma Bros and Dino Run, have combined forces with the equally flammable Messhof for their latest, the inspired Adult Swim flash game Cream Wolf. Everyone told me it is a must-play, and they are not wrong. While the subject matter could be construed as skeevy (you play a werewolf, luring the neighborhood kids to your ice cream truck), the game itself is surprisingly hi-octane. And melodious!

But what does the future hold for PixelJam?

Artist and musician James Kochalka took to the Internet to announce -- suitably, in comix form -- his upcoming PixelJam collaboration.


Exciting stuff!

UPDATE! Mr. Kochalka recommended that we mention the Glorkian Warrior Kickstarter fundraiser, and we agreed it seemed like a pretty good idea.

So: PixelJam and Kochalka hope to reach their goal of $10,000, and they've assembled a variety of worthwhile perks for their donators. And the PixelJam team has a sense of humor -- a donation of $2500 or more, for instance, yields a 30-minute conference call with James Kochalka and the PixelJam guys.

Do visit the Glorkian Warrior Kickstarter page for plenty more background information about the game, its artists, and their plans.

Cream Wolf [Screengrab from TIGSource]
Glorkian Prototype [Via Tiff]