Oh, my! Apparently, dolls and toys have taken over Keita Takahashi's conference room! They're helping the Katamari Damacy creator plan Noby Noby Boy for iPhone and iPod Touch. And according to their whiteboards, they want to appeal to "kindergartners" and "the worldwide party people" alike.

Here you go! The toy is made:

In the last of the three videos Famitsu posted today, Takahashi demonstrates that photographs -- whether taken using the camera, or stored in the iPhone's library -- can be cropped and dropped directly into the application. "I'm sure the party people will love this!" a yarn amigurumi doll trills happily.

According to Famitsu, in automagic English translation, Takahashi hopes this iteration of Noby Noby Boy will be less "complex" and more "carefree" than its PlayStation 3 predecessor.

【第1回】iPhone版『のびのびBOY』の製品会議中の映像を入手! [Via Brandon Boyer]