To honor the super expensive but much-salivated-over Neo Geo console's 20th anniversary, SNK Playmore has posted a Neo Geo Museum site to remember the 24-bit AES/MVS. Along with a retrospective article taken from the latest issue of Japan's Arcadia Magazine, NGM offers a full listing of every Neo Geo release and a small collection of Japanese advertisements (a couple featuring mysterious mascot G-Mantle!).

The real highlight for me, though, is the selection of shirts printed for the anniversary; the neat tee above features a shot of an MVS machine on the front and a listing of all the titles sold for it on the back. There's also a totally nerdy shirt with a famous Fatal Fury misprint from Gamest magazine that called the game 飢餓伝説 (Legend of Starvation) instead of 餓狼伝説 (Legend of the Hungry Wolf).

Neo Geo Museum is available in both English and Japanese, so you can still enjoy the site even if you don't understand the in-joke t-shirts!

[Via Andriasang]