Rhythm game king Konami (well, if you forget the past few years of Guitar Hero/Rock Band dominance) has released an original music-based title to iPhone, Rhyme Player, a neat little title that ignores its songs' instruments and has you interacting with their lyrics. As a stream of words scroll past the screen, you need to tap them to the beat.

There are more than a few music games on the App Store already, including Konami's own DanceDanceRevolution S and S+, but this release immediately caught my eye when I saw it includes Bell Biv DeVoe's classic "Poison", a song so close to my heart that I need to load up its Youtube video and listen to it at least twice whenever anyone mentions it.

Rhyme Player includes four other tracks -- "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga, "First Time" by Lifehouse, "ABC" by the Jackson 5, and "Show me" by The Cover Girls -- and I'm sure Konami will release additional song packs in the future, but I would be perfectly happy if this were just a $2 game/app that only played "Poison".

For those preferring more depth and options, the game offers two difficulties (Easy and Normal) for each track. It also features two gameplay modes, Shuffle and Ensemble, to "challenge players with different lyric flow patterns". You can download Rhyme Player from the App Store right now.

[Via FingerGaming]