Vince Noir: Welcome to the Mighty Decider!

Howard Moon: Where... you can decide things... as and when... you need to.

Noir: What is the Mighty Decider, Howard?

Moon: It's a... it's an incredible way of deciding about things.

Noir: Really.

Moon: Yeah.

Noir: It's a decision-maker?

Moon: Someone comes at you with a...nnn.... option.... You have a quick way of finding out... which one you... which way you want to go.

Noir: Really.

Moon: Mmm.


Brian "Doctor Popular" Roberts -- and I only know his actual, given name from an earlier GameSetWatch entry, incidentally -- flew out to LA late last year to meet with the men of The Mighty Boosh, where they recorded soundbytes for an upcoming iPhone app. Now, after several months of hard work, the game is finally ready for download.

Just four minigames-of-chance comprise the Mighty Decider. "Naboo's Wisdom" and "Ask the Moon" each are especially witty little fortune-telling games. The "Spin the Bottle" game is exactly everything its name implies, except that peripheral Boosh character Bob Fossil (played to the hilt by Chicago's own Rich Fulcher) deliberately desexes every bottle's turn. And in the boringest app, "Flip the Coin," you attempt to defeat the Crack Fox (voiced by Howard Moon himself, Julian Barratt) in a series of coin tosses.

Certainly this software is but a passing amusement, intended for a particular audience. But for fans of surreal UK comedy, or for fans of handpainted backgrounds, or horoscopes -- and I am all of these -- the Mighty Decider is great.

The game is currently listed as just $0.99 at the iPhone App Store.

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