For a while now, Mega64 have been trying to get their GDC 2010 commercials past the stern and unwilling censor (who is absolutely not Rocco's dad, incidentally). Firstly, it was the 50 Cent and 'Shigeru Meamoto' approach - no dice. And then, they tried nerding out a little bit - with little success.

So this third attempt to get the tone _just_ right for our colleagues at the March 9th-13th San Francisco game development conference, Mega64 decided to ramp down the bombast and ramp up As a result, you may see one or multiple of the following: French berets, discussions of how God intersects with games, and overhead panning shots of mysterious artifacts being dug up on beaches.

As for whether this one got past the GDC organizers, you'll have to wait til the end of the commercial to find out, but really - what do you think?