Medicom are the Japanese toy company behind collectible, Lego-style Kubrick and Bearbrick figures (or are they technically [email protected]? I work full-time in toys, and I honestly have no clue).


Slated to drop tomorrow, Medicom's latest are these adorable Kubrick and Bearbrick sets. There's a Mega Man Kubrick (pictured) paired with a corresponding blue Bearbrick, and then there's Proto Man (unpictured), bundled with a red Bearbrick.

Looks like each pair will retail for about US$40 so, taking the scale of Kubricks into account -- figures are about 2.5" tall -- these are some pretty pricey collectibles. Still, these in-demand figures darn near didn't make it stateside at all, so strike while the iron is hot!

Medicom x Mega Man Bearbrick Sets [Via Asylum]