That zany Donald Kennedy (perhaps better known to the Internet as KodyKoala) has done it again.

Over at his custom toy blog, Donny writes that he has long played with the idea of having Mario characters "drive giant Mechs of themselves." And here is the first in Donny's planned series:


For his latest custom work, Donny bedazzled an ordinary Mario figure with rivets -- I love how the sideburns are ostensibly bolted on! -- before giving it a thick coat of metallic paint. What was formerly a Mario keychain is now perched high aloft at the control center, like some kind of homunculus doppelgaenger thing. Very nicely done.

I also recommend KodyKoala's earlier King Hippo custom, his version of Dr. Wily, and his paramountly frightening Mario action figure collection. And then -- this is only tangentially related to games, I guess, but it is inspired -- there's his Bubs' Concession Stand Soopa Coin Up custom.