Machinarium developer Amanita Design has teamed up with Minority Recorts to put out a limited edition vinyl release for the soundtrack of its IGF-winning adventure game. The 12" LP will include 15 songs from ambient to electro-acoustic and classical music, all written, composed, mixed and produced by Czech musician Tomas "Floex" Dvorak.

According to Minority Records, "The beauty of greatly orchestrated subtle pieces makes you ... sit back and listen in for hours and shifts you into a higher levels of cognition." You can preview a track at the company's site to experience that higher cognition level yourself!

The label will create 555 hand-numbered copies -- 405 on black, 150 on clear yellow. Dvorak will sign each of the copies himself, and the LPs will also include three art reproductions by Amanita's Adolf Lachman. You can preorder the Machinarium vinyl soundtrack, which releases later this month, for €12.50 ($17.31) before shipping and handling charges.