A diverse collection of developers, artist, researchers, and more have teamed up to create LA Game Space, a non-profit lab seeking to connect game-makers with kids in Los Angeles that want to learn more about game development. The group hopes to accomplish this through workshops, after-school mentor programs, guest lectures, and by showing and promoting participants' game designs to others across the country and world.

The lab's primary goals include "participatory learning through collaborative game making, connecting youth with expert practitioners and researchers, preparing youth for careers in creative and technical disciplines, transforming consumers into creators and learning into making, and documenting and providing open access to all programming via a community website."

LA Game Space's volunteer force includes Derek Yu (Spelunky, The Independent Game Source), Giant Robot, Attract Mode, Boing Boing, and games/learning researchers from UCLA and UC-San Diego. The lab will also have the support of former Digital Media and Learning winners from game-based learning programs Black Cloud, MILLEE, and Playpower.

The team has submitted an application for the MacArthur Foundation/HASTAC-supported Digital Media And Learning Competition, offering more information about the LA Game Space and its collaborators.