Joshua Nuernberger has worked on Boryokudan Rue, an adventure game mixing sci-fi and film noir, mostly by himself (with Nathan Allen Pinard composing music) for more than two years, releasing a few screenshots and details on the story every now and then. With the game recently selected as one of 10 IGF Student Showcase winners and Nuernberger's announcement that he'll release it commercially, he's finally released video for the point and click PC title.

Here, you can see the game's gloomy settings, detailed character animations, shoot-outs, and lots of kicking! Boryokudan Rue presents two separate but interweaving stories, one following "a regretful cop en route to planet Barracus to meet and extract a mysterious defector trying to escape from the notorious [Boryokudan] crime group", and the other focusing on "an amnesiac patient in a sterilized facility, who must survive and escape in order to find out why he is there."

The game spans more than 80 rooms with hand-painted backgrounds and features 4-8 hours of gameplay. Nuernberger hasn't yet announced pricing or a release date for Boryokudan Rue, but you can read more about its production over at the Adventure Game Studio forum.