skate or die c64 Here's a neat tutorial from Fabu of Superlevel, with step-by-step instructions for configuring VICE -- that's a Commodore 64 emulator! -- to support online two-player games. As impressive as it is to play a two-player co-op game alone, this could make for a nice indoor activity tonight (or, depending on your commitment, a weekend project).

The only problem is, the tutorial is in German. But! Run his words through the ol' googlerator, and you'll see that the step-by-step how-to mostly makes sense.

One of the two players will need to be the 'server,' of course. From there, the trick to getting C64 multiplayer to work will be 'synchronizing' all your friend's actions with your own, so that together you 'load' each game at just the same instant. So you'll probably need to, ehm, be in an instant message window (or on the phone!) with your opponent. Which, hey! That could be fun, too! I can't imagine it's too much more difficult than mid-90s Doom on dialup.

Probably, though, the challenge ultimately rests with finding another friend who is game enough to also make it through the set-up. Good luck!

[C64 Netplay Tutorial & Download]