Taking a cue from Diablo, which simplified RPG experience into a point-and-click-and-loot experience, Glorg pares the formula down even further by taking over control of your hero's movement, managing where you want to explore or adventure off to while you worry about reacting to whatever you come across.

Martin Jonasson created this procedurally generated Flash game as his submission to the Gamma 4 one-button game competition. According to Crayon Physics developer Petri Purho, who's apparently played Glorg already, the game is "very addicting" and "basically a very streamlined version of Diablo".

Sister site IndieGames pointed out another fun looking single-button game: Tom Vencel's One Button Bob, now playable at Armor Games. The action title presents a series of screens in which you have to push your button at the right time for your explorer to react in a way that allows him to survive.

[Via IndieGames.com]