As we continue to round up some of the notable long-form pieces of writing elsewhere on the network, here's the top full-length features of the past week on big sister 'art and business of gaming' site Gamasutra, plus our GameCareerGuide features for the week.

This time, we start things out with iPhone and indie developers reacting to the iPad (something that took the site down briefly after it got featured on the front page of Google News, ohdear!), and an interview tying in with Mass Effect 2's release, plus a WiiWare postmortem, an in-depth design piece on gameplay and narrative, and a GCG postmortem, among other things.

Go stop go:

Developers React: The iPad's Future
"Developers and technology providers ranging from Tiger Style's Randy Smith to ngmoco's Neil Young and Unreal's Mark Rein weigh in on the prospects and realities of developing games for Apple's newly-announced iPad."

The Next Big Steps In Game Sound Design
"Technical sound designer Damian Kastbauer breaks down the current generation's innovations in sound design from a technical perspective, outlining what current games can do aurally, and speaks to other developers to find out more."

Postmortem: Over the Top Games' NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits
"The tale behind the Spanish-developed, Ancient Greek-themed WiiWare platformer, full of common but important lessons for indie developers taking a chance on something new."

The Uneasy Merging of Narrative and Gameplay
"Developer Ara Shirinian picks apart the gameplay/narrative question by examining how games handle cinematic interactivity, how movies handle fight sequences, and how XEODesign's Nicole Lazzaro's list of gameplay emotions apply to one medium and not the other."

Back In Space: BioWare On Mass Effect 2
"Lead producer Adrien Cho discusses the evolution that the studio, series, and genre is going through in this comprehensive interview about the creative process behind BioWare's anticipated shooter/RPG sequel, Mass Effect 2."

GCG: Moving From ActionScript 2 to ActionScript 3
"Having trouble transitioning to the latest version of ActionScript? Arkadium developer Michael Greenhut walks you through some of the most common problems that arise when making the switch."

GCG: Student Postmortem: Drifters
"What does it take to create a multiplayer online game as a student project? Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy student Steve Durst here recounts the process behind the demon-possessed Drifters."