As we wander around the notable long-form pieces of writing elsewhere on the network, here's the top full-length features of the past week on big sister 'art and business of gaming' site Gamasutra, plus our GameCareerGuide features for the week.

Headed by an interview with the Dante's Inferno folks at EA, other big features this week include a discussion on 'truth in game design', a postmortem of Vicious Cycle's flippant XBLA title, a couple of fun Game Design Challenge articles - both results and a new challenge - and much more besides.

Find a way:

The Road To Hell: The Creative Direction of Dante's Inferno
"Jonathan Knight, creative director of Dante's Inferno, discusses the thinking behind the path he and his team took in choosing and adapting the classic poem for use in the Visceral Studios action game."

The Sensible Side of Immersion
"Neils Clark examines the intimate bond between psychology and play, and how games might tap into the recesses of the ancient human brain in order to reach new levels of immersion."

Jumpstarting Your Creativity
"Experienced sound designer Brad Meyer (DJ Hero) espouses a creative philosophy of taking a step back and making common sense decisions as the best method for reinvigorating that elusive creative spark once it's fled."

Truth in Game Design
"What does "truth in game design" mean? Microsoft Game Studios producer/designer Scott Brodie explores the nature and implications of how truth can be created and communicated in game design, via several case studies."

Postmortem: Vicious Cycle's Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond
"Eric Peterson, president and CEO of Vicious Cycle, recounts the ups and downs of making the PSN and XBLA parody video game Blood Bath and Beyond, and explains important lessons learned in the development of the studio's first downloadable game."

GCG: Game Design Challenge: A New Vision
"Our latest challenge asks readers to take a game that's ahead of its time and bring it into the present day -- keeping what was good and smoothing out the rough edges."

GCG: Maxims of Game Design
"Game educator Lewis Pulsipher delivers a list of useful maxims for game design -- simple rules to ponder that will help you on the road to creating a game your players will enjoy."

GCG: Results from Game Design Challenge: Free To Play
"Game Career Guide's readers tackled the growing free-to-play market in our latest game design challenge, and found creative solutions to monetize their original concepts."