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Wandering along the GameSetLinks road this time around, we start out with a blog post from Steve Streeting about why Lego Rock Band is actually a heck of a lot of fun, even if semi-grumpy reviewers who are fed up with the genre downrate it. And it was one of my favorite games of last year, too.

Also in here - a video from the super-wacky, fun Incredible Crisis, an apprecation of Might & Magic: Clash Of Heroes for the Nintendo DS, Wired on how real-life football takes a cue from football games, steps to be an indie dev, and a bunch of other neat things besides.

Cha cha cha:

SteveStreeting.com » Blog Archive » Game reviewers are snobs
'So, I got Lego Rock Band for Christmas and we just finished the main story mode last night. This is a game that’s averaged 70 on Metacritic, and has basically been described as the lazy, ugly child of the Rock Band series. What a load of old bollocks.' Heartily agreed.

How to become an indie developer in eight steps | Technology | guardian.co.uk
With some nice indie-related interviews along the way.

Opening theme to Incredible Crisis, by Tokyo Ska... - Tiny Cartridge
I really love Incredible Crisis, because it's VERY. SILLY.

Warp Skip! | You have received bears
On Capy's Might & Magic DS game, a major sleeper: 'They’ve managed to find a way to integrate RPG elements with a puzzle game like Puzzle Quest did a few years ago, but their core mechanic doesn’t end up introducing a feeling of unfair competition from the AI.'

In your electronic arms « WoSblog – gaming, music, snacks, the Apocalypse and more
'The Longest Life (the clip’s rarely-used actual title) has certainly used a videogame to create art, and that’s probably enough italics for now.'

Game Changers: How Videogames Trained a Generation of Athletes | Magazine
'For certain football fans, the excitement of a last-minute comeback now commingled with the shock of the familiar: It’s hard to think of a better example of a professional athlete doing something so obviously inspired by the tactics of videogame football.'

SteveStreeting.com » Blog Archive » “Maturing” download games market starts to show retail-like characteristics
'What’s depressing is what’s happening to the ‘official’ download channels – which were a bastion of independent content a year or two ago, and now are turning more and more into just another channel for the same mainstream developers & publishers we see at retail.'