Don Daglow Speaking of video game preservation, the National Center for the History of Electronic Games (or NCHEG) reports that noted game designer Don Daglow has taken on the role of Collections Development Consultant:

"In parallel to his work as an independent game designer and producer, Daglow will assist NCHEG in the acquisition of key objects and records to document the early and ongoing history of the development of electronic games. This effort is at the core of the NCHEG’s work to expand its prestigious collection, already the largest and most comprehensive public collection of electronic games and game-related historical materials in the United States."

The missive adds that, apart from his duties as vintage games consultant, Daglow will represent NCHEG at upcoming industry events and conferences.

The NCHEG is located in Rochester, New York's Strong National Museum of Play. Last year, the preservation initiative acquired 114 vintage arcade games that had toured with the Videotopia games exhibit.

In 2008, Daglow and others were honored with a Technology & Engineering Emmy for their work on Neverwinter Nights.