Readers, our journey is almost over! Your faithful interim editor (me) has had a lovely time interimming these last two weeks: at the end of today, though, we must part ways. We had some crazy times, didn't we? Remember the time I posted that thing about an arts-and-crafts project I was impressed with? Or the time I dug up something wacky on YouTube? I'm sure it was wonderful.

Simon has been great, and so supportive -- I feel like I got away with a lot -- and, with bittersweet feeling, I will return Eric to you promptly on Monday morning.

OK! Some news:

- Gamasutra - DICE 2010: Kotick Talks Passion For Industry, Debuts Indie Contest
The Activision Blizzard CEO's keynote had a few salient takeaways: Foremost, he's sorry about the misconstructed remarks from before -- they were made in jest. Secondly, he wishes he'd partnered with Harmonix, in lieu of Red Octane, when he'd had the chance. And finally, $500K to America's Next Top Indie Designer! I think that covers everything. (But read Simon's coverage just in case.)

- Gamasutra - DICE 2010: Uncharted 2 Leads AIAS Winners With 10 Awards
Farmville wins, you guys! And on Twitter, there was plenty of real-time gaiety for Scribblenauts -- I like to imagine that, at that instant, the awards ceremony was totally illuminated in the glow of cellular phones.

- Joystiq - Steve Wiebe reclaims Donkey Kong Jr. world record
Twin Galaxies reports that, as of his February 14 performance, documented underdog Steve Wiebe is once again the reigning Donkey Kong Jr. champ. Time will tell whether Wiebe can also best Donkey Kong, Sr.

- YouTube - Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
So, er, Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown was just announced. We're excited, right? Oh, fine. Maybe I am posting about this more for myself than for you.

- Massively - An introduction to Myst Online for newbies
Suddenly, quietly, Myst Online: Uru Live relaunched and is now free to play. I'm delighted! I missed my opportunity the first time around, but in my girlhood, I actually read all the Myst books. Ask me anything about Atrus! Go on!

- FingerGaming - Katamari Damacy Creator Unleashes Noby Noby Boy in App Store
Man, I'm glad this finally happened, because Boing Boing contributor Brandon Boyer was about to crack from the stress.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: We've really enjoyed having you around, Jenn. Don't be a stranger! - Simon.]